Cast & Crew

Executive Producer

  • Gerald Davis


  • Gerald Davis
  • Chip Hitchcock

Written and Directed by

  • Gerald Davis

Edited by

  • John Nakashima

Narrated by

  • Jean Snedegar

Director of Photography

  • Chip Hitchcock

Original Music Composed by

  • Jacob Yoffee (Los Angeles)

Story Advisor

  • Karen Everett/New Doc Editing (San Francisco)

Assistant Editor

  • Glynis Board

Associate Producers

  • Ivan Pinnell
  • Andrew Witt

Archival Footage and Photo Research

  • Glynis Board

Voice of Frank Kearns

  • Mike Youngren


  • Chuck Kleine


  • Larry Dowling


  • Chuck Rosenecker

Additional Editing

  • Bill Blaker

Additional Re-Recording Mixing

  • Chuck Kleine
  • Pat Sergent

Legal Services

  • George Rush (San Francisco)

Insurance Services

  • Paul Marshall/Allstar Financial Group (Atlanta)

Production Assistants

  • Kara Haas
  • Aaron Shackelford

Transcription Services

  • Diane Kemp